What does "living the simple dream" mean to me?

I always hear people from our generation saying "Ahh, living the dream" when they are doing somthing our of the ordinary - for example: sipping cocktails in a spa of a fancy resort or perhaps they post "living the dream" as the caption beneath a photo of them moving into their new $500,000+ mansion-esque home they have just mortgaged their life away for. At first I was confused by how simple my ambitions were. All I wanted was to live in a caravan and be able to spend as much time enjoying the outdoors with my husband and son, without my husband having to be at work all the time. So for me, this became my simple dream. I find myself having those "Ahh living the dream" moments when I am sitting in a natural hot spring with my husband and son, drinking a beer, ten feet away from a crocodile infested river. Now mine, my husbands and my sons life is all about chasing our simple dream.

Monday, November 14, 2011

When I stop matching and I let some colour into my life.

Ive always been a big fan of "matching" outfits perfectly. I like to make sure everything flows perfectly. I was basically anal about it. This included jewellery being the same colour/pattern etc and even small accessories like belts and things had to mesh with the outfit perfectly.

Since we began our trip around Australia I have relaxed a LOT, not just generally relaxed (because, yes, this trip has given me alot of opportunities to relax and do nothing) but actually relaxed my own views on things. Ive also relaxed my stress levels a hell of a lot.

Take some time to relax and remember who you are. You may feel like you're meeting yourself for the first time.

Ive notice that slowly but surely my clothing regime has relaxed too... my matching isnt so full on anymore. I was thinking about this today because my mother in law bought me a Pandora bracelet, for my 25th birthday. I looked at the myriad of different beads witht heir alternate coloured metals, resins, diamantes, etc. I thought "What theme will I choose"?. Then I decided on none. So today for my birthday my husband bought me a blue charm, for christmas I'd like a purple charm, I already have a couple of silver charms and my sister has bought me a gold one for christmas.

(This isnt my bracelt, I'm only upto five beads so far!)

This kind of non-matching-ness would have caused me... incredible amounts of stress in the past - to the point of me not even bothering to wear the very expensive gift. However now I look at the beautiful mixture of colours and metals and I feel happy. They are like a rainbow of heart warming trinkets in soul lifting rainbow colours.

You could add a little colour or alot of colour.

Colour makes me so happy these days. I understand why "hippy-esque" people surround themselves in tonnes of different colours and patterns, it makes you happy. It's as though the colours can actually lift your mood, ,which can genuinely change your level of positivity and thus can have a phenominal effect on your day. Its unreal. A colour injection is almost like a positivity injection.

Even hanging a few of these babies around your patio with twinkling candles (or battery operate candles) inside them, would add a colourful touch.

injecting a little colour into your surroundings, your life, your wardrobe or even your jewellery can really have a mood lifting effect. I think thats why I feel so cheerful when my christmas decorations go up. I know theres the notion of the "christma spirit" which is meant to sort of "click in" when the jolly time arrives, however I put my decorations up on the first of November (eager beaver). The second they went up I felt cheerful. Every time I walk out into the annex (especially at night with the multicoloured twinkling star-lights I put up) I feel cheerful and breezy and relaxed.

Beautiful colours..

There are so many wonderful ways to inject a little colour into your life. You could even just switch up the wardrobe you already have to wear different things together. You could "craft" up your own ornaments or decorations to go up in your home (christmassy or non), pick some colourful flowers from your garden or pinch them from your neighbours (just kidding!). If all else fails - go to the opshop and buy one of those crazy technicolour/multicolour tye dyed satchel bags you see frequenting the Byron Bay region. They are cheap and I can guarantee all you have to do is hang the thing from the corner of your bedroom door and looking at it will ignite a little spark, even if you dont have the lady-balls to wear it up-town.

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